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Based on the ANSI/VITA 65 OpenVPX standard, the AV104 board from ApisSys is part of the companyís range of high-speed data-conversion and signal-processing solutions. It has default support for the MOD3-PAY-2F1F2U-16.2.1-3 and MOD3-PAY-2F1F2U-16.2.1-4 module profiles, PCIe Gen 1 or Gen 2 on data planes and expansion plane, plus 1000BASE-BX on control planes. The AV104 combines the Xilinx Virtex 7 FPGA with dual 10-bit, three Gsps ADCs and single 12-bit, three Gsps DAC. The AV104 is intended for embedded signal-processing applications such as electronic warfare, wideband radar transmitter/receivers, or LIDAR (light radar). The AV104 provides internal ultra-low-jitter clock generation and can be used with either an external clock or an external reference for extended flexibility. It includes one Xilinx Virtex 7 FPGA VX330T/VX485T or VX690T for processing capability of up to more than 2 TMACs (Multiply/Accumulate per second), one high-speed 2M36 QDRII+ SRAM memory for data processing, and a 1 Gb synchronous FLASH memory for multiple firmware storage. It also features a 32-bit microcontroller with USB 2.0 and 10/100 Ethernet interfaces intended to be used for system monitoring and supervision.
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  • ‧ 2 channels 10-bit, 3 Gsps ADC
  • ‧ 1 channel 12-bit, 3 Gsps DAC
  • ‧ External clock and reference input
  • ‧ Low jitter Internal clock generation
  • ‧ External trigger input

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