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A COTS tightly integrated, advanced real-time embedded visual computing development and deployment software for the Safety-Critical market


  • PikeOS is a powerful paravirtualization real-time operating system based on a state-of-the-art separation microkernel that is optimized for safety-critical and multi-Level secure applications
  • IData Human Machine Interface (HMI) embedded visual computing software toolkits provide an advanced and comprehensive solution for a broad spectrum of safety-critical commercial, military, industrial, and FAA DO-178B Level-A- and ARINC-653-based avionics, vehicle electronics, medical, and other advanced real-time embedded visual computing initiatives
  • The companies are also collaborating to ensure that their respective products provide a tightly coupled solution for Linux applications by integrating IData with ElinOS
  • Both IData and PikeOS are certifiable for safety-critical use according to ARINC-653 specification: Avionics Application Standard Software Interface, and RTCA DO-178B Level-A Specification: Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
  • The combination of iData and PikeOS provides a complete solution for applications that require secure partitioning of data display or user interfaces across differing criticality or security levels
  • Using IData and PIKEOS, Level-A criticality data can be simultaneously displayed with Level-D data, each running in a secure partition and insulated from the effects of the other

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