IDX 3000 and Facets


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IDX 3000 Image Generation (IG) solution provides scalable, COTS, open-architecture, real-time, dynamic, physics-based, per-texel solutions for correlated high-fidelity, real-time, multispectral sensor simulation, training, and mission-rehearsal applications that require 8 or 16 bits of end-to-end dynamic range


  • Facets real-time 3D models are unique in the off-the-shelf modeling marketplace and provide quality, flexibility, and affordability
  • Facets models are delivered with multiple levels of detail and highly realistic tri-resolution textures
  • Where applicable, Facets models come equipped with multiple paint schemes, a synthetic infrared sensor scheme, damaged/destroyed states, articulated parts, and animations
  • The Facets collection includes Aircraft, Automobiles, Armored Vehicles, Ships and Missiles, to name a few, with new models being added continuously

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