PS6600 SBC

Mercury Systems

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PS6600 SBC


  • A PowerStream6600 ?smart,? processor-based I/O mezzanine carrier SBC
  • Two MPC8548 processors at 800 MHz, which can serve as application processors or I/O engines servicing the respective mezzanine card sites
  • DRAM of 512 MB, 533 MHz, DDR2 per processor
  • Two mezzanine cards support 2.5 Gbaud x4 PCI Express XMC and PMC interfaces
  • Flash: boot and diagnostics 4 MB, application 128 MB
  • Supports RapidIO on XMC cards
  • Each MPC8548 has a combination of front and rear serial ports and Ethernet interfaces
  • Provides system integrators with an established ecosystem of option cards that can be incorporated into mission and production systems

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