10-bit Digitizers

Agilent Technologies

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10-bit Digitizers


  • 4 GSps sampling rate
  • The DC122 offers a choice of front-end input mezzanines, providing 3 GHz input bandwidth or switchable high impedance input coupling with up 50 V full scale sensitivity
  • The two models combine ultra fast sampling rate with standard acquisition memories of 256 kpoints (DC152) or 512 kpoints (DC122) and optional memories of 256 Mpoints and 512 Mpoints respectively
  • These digitizers are fully compliant with both PXI and CompactPCI standards, and incorporate Acqiris' proprietary XLFidelity and JetSpeed II ADC chipsets, designed foroptimizing highspeed ADC performance
  • The XLFidelity ADC front-end chipset integrates the signal conditioning, amplification, and interleaving functions essential to high-speed data acquisition allowing the accurate interleaving of 2 very high-speed ADCs
  • ?JetSpeed II represents the next generation in Acqiris' dedicated ADC chipsets
  • It is designed to enhance high-speed ADC performance through the distribution of accurate synchronization and time base signals along with memory acquisition and control functions to increase the data throughput from the acquisition to internal memory
  • ?The trigger mezzanine includes the XLFidelity FEA102 front-end amplifier chip. The trigger processing circuit embedded in the package includes dual comparators for window triggering mode, on chip DACs for threshold adjustment, additional filters for LF and HF reject trigger coupling and a prescaler to allow a HF divide by 4 mode

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