Quixote 64-bit 6U

Innovative Integration

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A 64-bit CompactPCI 6U board for advanced signal capture, generation, and co-processing


  • 1 GHz TMS320C6416 DSP and 2 to 6 MGATE Virtex-II FPGA
  • 32 MB SDRAM, 8 MB ZBT SBSRAM andAD6645 and AD9764 converters
  • 64/32 bit CompactPCI, 66 MHz, 5 V/3.3 V and complex trigger modes with HW event logging
  • PMC site with Jn4 to FPGA DIO and PICMG 2.17 StarFabric compliant
  • Applications include: Software Defined Radio, wireless IP and Radar, developmentand hardware testing
  • Physical Layer Field Testing, Ultra-Fast Flexible Data Acquisition, vector signal generation, and electronic warfare

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