Openmake 6.41.1

Catalyst Systems Corporation

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Streamline your software builds using Openmake's collaborative build framework combined with a centralized build to deploy workflow technology.


  • Automated Build to Deploy Releases Create a Build Job that automatically performs all of the drudgery often associated to manual tasks or ad hoc scripts. Create Build Labels, interface with SCM tools, execute tests, create installation packages and deploy your applications all from a centralized dashboard.
  • Static and Dynamic Build Analysis Analyze builds from top to bottom with Openmake. Review file dependency relationships, impact analysis, build speeds, build errors, build differences and build metrics.
  • Continuous Integration Build early and build often with Openmake. Openmake supports continuous integration initiating builds when changes have been checked into the version control repository.
  • Collaborative Reusable Framework Avoid the pitfalls of writing a new Ant/XML or Make script for every deployable object. With Openmake's reusable build framework you can define a the script once and reuse the script for multiple objects. Scripts can be shared and collaborated between projects and development teams.
  • Audit Builds Create a footprint that validates what artifacts where used to build the deployable objects. With Openmake's Build Audit Reports, all artifacts including version history when available are displayed based on what the compiler actually called. This level of audit goes far beyond reporting on simply what files were checked out of the version tool prior to the build.
  • Manage Build ActivityUse Openmake to monitor, view and track the status of all builds running throughout the enterprise. Regardless of OS or development tool, Openmake can centralize all build activity, from remote builds to local builds.

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