5DX Series 5000

Agilent Technologies

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The Medalist 5DX automated x-ray inspection "sees" through obstructions on crowded PCBAs to catch up to 95% of all manufacturing defects, including hidden solder-related problems.
5DX Series 5000
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  • No long lead-time fixtures required.
  • Step-by-step programming process allows a working test program to be completed by the time the first prototype completes assembly.
  • Actionable information specifying the component, pin and type of defect is generated, facilitates quick repair and turn-on.
  • Generates specific defect data for every solder joint tested.
  • Together with the Agilent Medalist Quality Tool, the 5DX enables process troubleshooting to track down specific production problems.
  • The defect spectrum of AXI complements conventional electrical test.
  • Increases test yields and reduces capacity requirements at downstream test operations such as incircuit and functional test.
  • Prevents latent defects from escaping into your customer's hands.
  • The only method to find hidden joint defects (BGAs, CCGAs, through-hole component, shielded components) automatically in production.

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