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From chipsets to sensor modules, the proprietary Leddar technology is the core element in the design of countless sensing IoT devices and applications. The unique capabilities of Leddar are being leveraged by a variety of partners to provide Leddar-based IoT innovations in homes, buildings, cities, vehicles and industrial applications. These include intelligent security and surveillance devices, smart lighting systems, collision avoidance and navigation for cars, unmanned ground vehicles and drones, automated touchless home appliances, and many more.
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  • Low power consumption, resulting in an extended lifetime and minimal maintenance for the manufacturer or end user
  • Robust detection under harsh weather conditions
  • Immunity to ambient light, optimizing detection capabilities during the day or night
  • No moving parts for a rugged, reliable solution
  • Fast and accurate distance measurements on multiple segments, providing the capacity to detect, locate and profile objects; provides richer data than ultrasound and standard photoelectric sensors
  • Very flexible detection range (0 to 100 meters): fully functional on very short distances, unlike sonar devices
  • Excellent lateral discrimination/resolution: better than radar and only surpassed by laser scanners, which are much more complex, fragile and expensive
  • Best overall cost/performance ratio available

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