FortiGate-5000 ATCA


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A family of chassis based modular systems that provide the highest scalability for Unified Threat Management (UTM) security
FortiGate-5000 ATCA


  • The first AdvancedTCA-based security platform that performs the following security functions in an integrated solution: stateful firewall, antivirus, IDS/IPS, VPN, anti-spam, web content filtering, and bandwidth shaping
  • Most scalable (up to 112 GbE interfaces), multifunction security platform available
  • Multiple security functions into an ASIC-accelerated security platform
  • Lower capital and operational expenditures when compared to combining multiple vendors
  • No other security solutions provide the performance scalability, density of ports and firewall, antivirus, IPS/IDS, VPN, anti-spam, and Web content filtering integration
  • Allows customers to design and create remarkably secure networks

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