Ensemble2 AMC Board

Mercury Systems

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Ensemble2 AMC Board


  • Carrier board
  • Provides the basis for the Ensemble2 Application Development Platform
  • Each Ensemble2 AdvancedMC site provides RapidIO connectivity and Gigabit Ethernet through its connector
  • Each AdvancedMC carrier board in the Ensemble2 system has four AdvancedMC sites, with two 10 Gbps RapidIO interfaces for an onboard aggregate bandwidth of 80 Gbps
  • The boards are intended for use in a 14- or 16-slot star topology and a 5-slot mesh configuration
  • A fully configured Ensemble2 chassis can encompass up to 56 AdvancedMC modules per system
  • Scalability and flexibility is essential to support application benchmarking tasks, with the backplane delivering as much as 150 Gbps of low latency and efficient data messaging capacity
  • Multichassis support is available via Serial RapidIO fiber mezzanine modules

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