Mercury Systems

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SBC that includes features for high-performance operation on PICMG 2.15 platforms


  • Single wide PMC form factor
  • Real-time clock
  • IBM 750GX RISC processor:?Up to 1 GHz on 166 MHz PPC bus
  • Marvell MV64460 bridge: DDR memory controller,PCI(-X) interface
  • Ethernet controller, device bus
  • DDR333 memory bus: 512 MB soldered onboard, memory bank expandable to 1 GB with stacked memory ICs, 32/64-bit PCI interface with conventional or PCI-X operation at 33/66 MHz
  • Two MDI/MDIX Gigabit Ethernet interfaces: Routed to PMC J14 connector per PICMG 2.15, ECN 2.15-1.0-001
  • Two RS-232 communication ports: Routed to PMC J14 and user connectors
  • Socketed boot flash memory: 32 MB of user flash
  • Operating system: VxWorks or Linux

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