IVI Drivers

Agilent Technologies

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Class-compliant IVI drivers that provide a set of standard commands for a given class of instruments
IVI Drivers


  • Simplifies programming and instrument swapping among data conversion products
  • Developed mainly for the ATE market, the drivers comply with IviScope Class (IVI-4.1) specifications
  • Designed to support typical oscilloscopes as well as common extended functionalities found in more complex data acquisition instruments, such as synthetic instrumentation (SI)
  • Drivers can be used in conjunction with the specifications outlined in the IVI-4.1 IviScopeWaveformMeasurement and IviScopeAverageAcquisition extension groups
  • Support all major test platforms supported by Acqiris, including PCI, PXI, CompactPCI and VXI, facilitating hardware independence without rewriting software
  • Implemented as a Microsoft Component Object Model (COM)-based IVI-COM driver that enables the drivers to operate seamlessly in numerous integrated development environments (IDEs)
  • An IVI-C interface on the drivers allow for additional hardware and software compatibility

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