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The Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions MPMC-9331 is a 3U 3-slot solution that incorporates a flexible and rugged processing system which can be easily configured to meet the needs of any military requirement. From benign laboratory to harsh deployed ground vehicle environments, the MPMC-9331 is a rugged computer designed to fill multiple roles within ground vehicles.


  • Single board computer based on Freescale MPC8610 PA with e600
  • VICTORY-compliant 12-port L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch with host, Freescale P2020 processor
  • Natural convection system for -46?C to +71?C environment
  • Designed and tested for nuclear survivability
  • Qualified to MIL-STD-810, MILSTD- 461
  • Designed to support 2 Level Maintenance with a Line-Replaceable Module architecture

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