Barracuda Embedded Web Server

Real Time Logic

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An industrial strength embedded HTTP server engine, optimized for sophisticated distributed processing applications


  • Based on a plug-in architecture
  • SharkSSL is a compact 32 kB, real-time, Secure Socket Layer stack, which supports hardware crypto encoding and decoding for common hardware crypto engines
  • SharkSSL establishes secure client-server communications for all Barracuda plug-ins
  • Provides an EventHandler that enables HTTP and Java-based clients to monitor and control multiple event-driven embedded applications residing on multiple devices in real time
  • EventHandler gives Web developers the ability to add server-based notification functions and two-way, real-time data exchange to thin-client browser applications, increasing the functionality of a wide range of zero-install Web applications and extending the Web's viability for such functions as real-time reporting and live monitoring of devices
  • Offers Web applications the same kind of instant updates and user interaction that traditional server-based systems have enabled, without the need to constantly download and refresh Web pages
  • Full-duplex, asynchronous protocol stack gives clients the same benefits as regular HTTP clients, including the ability to bypass proxies and firewalls
  • CSP language (similar to Active Server Pages) makes it easy to generate traditional server Web applications, enabling developers to embed C or C++ programs directly into an HTML template page created by an HTML designer
  • Web services: Supports XML-RPC, SOAP, JSON, and AJAX

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