Mentor Embedded Industrial Automation

Mentor Graphics Corporation

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Mentor Graphics® Mentor® Embedded multi-platform solution enables embedded product developers to create more feature-rich, power-efficient, safe and secure systems. It encompasses a breadth of runtime platform options, customized development tools, system partitioning, power management, safety certification and system characterization tools, plus market-leading multicore support, making this the broadest solution in the industry.
Mentor Embedded Industrial Automation
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  • The Mentor Embedded industrial automation solution includes:
  • The Nucleus® real-time operating system (RTOS) with advanced power management and optional IEC 61508 safety certification and Wurldtech Achilles communications certification
  • The Mentor Embedded Linux® platform with integrated industrial protocols, SELinux mandatory access control support, and Sourcery™ CodeBench Professional toolsuite
  • Type-1 hypervisor technology for partitioning and separation
  • Advanced Sourcery Analyzer tool for advanced debug and system characterization
  • Qt™ graphics optimized for embedded automation controller user interface (UI) applications
  • Customized open source toolchains to optimize hardware components, code footprint, and application performance

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