Ultra-Dense Embedded Mass Storage

Mercury Systems

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The data interface can be designed to meet system needs, including SATA, 10 GbE, SFPDP, Fibre Channel, or other high-bandwidth interconnects. Technologies such as POET™ (Protocol Offload Engine Technology) add further networking capabilities and innovative video compression solutions. Redundancy through technologies such as RAID can be implemented, as can encryption for security and deep packet inspection for protection against intrusions, non-compliant data, and viruses. Next-generation solutions will address methods for storing analog signals as well.
Ultra-Dense Embedded Mass Storage
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  • ?Had a storage capacity of 48 TB (upgradeable to 96 TB with no increase in SWaP)
  • Fit into the 0.4 cubic foot requirement
  • Weighed just 25 lb and required under 160W
  • Incorporated RAID capabilities
  • Met the high data-bandwidth criteria
  • Included conformal coating

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