VAPS XT-178 Version 4.0.1


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The UDP integration library makes it easier for users to develop distributed ARINC 661 compliant systems out-of-the-box. Also supports integration with the Flexible Software Solutions (FSS) UA Emulator and UA2 products.
VAPS XT-178 Version 4.0.1
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  • Expanded widget library with 16 new pre-built and coded widgets means getting started faster and less coding
  • Infrastructure enhancements support faster creation of ARINC 661 widgets and enhanced support for UA Layer development
  • Graphical canvas drawing usability enhancements for extremely precise modeling and design
  • Text improvements: multi-line text object, haloing on vector fonts, text string pop-up editor
  • CODE nGEN usability enhancements, including significant improvement in build times

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