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  • Advanced-featured TS-x86 and TS-ARM Development Kits
  • Adopted Linux solution provides high-performance and easier hardware-software integration
  • TS-Linux, Debian Linux, NetBSD, eCos, and DOS operating system solutions are ready to go
  • Get started fast with C/C++ (GNU development tools) and Java embedded application development
  • Linux provides internet services ? Apache web server, FTP, SSH, telnet, and Samba with C/PHP/Perl for embedded CGI development
  • Open-source vision ? Complete Linux kernel source code is provided along with drivers and examples for TS hardware
  • PC/104 bus with many available peripherals ? VGA video, keyboard and mouse, CANbus, modems, serial ports, DIO lines, battery back-up
  • Custom designs help with embedded software and hardware solutions, including FPGA solutions
  • Extended product lifetime

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