Condor GR2

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The Condor GR2 3U VPX, a rugged 3U VPX form factor graphics/video card with generalpurpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) capability, developed specifically for supporting CUDA™. The new card is based on the leading edge NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 850M processor – offering 640 shader units clocked at 876 MHz and 2 GB of GDDR5 memory – and uses NVIDIA’s Maxwell GPU architecture. The Condor GR2 3U VPX will target those developing graphics and video processing applications using the CUDA architecture as well as the industry-standard OpenCL™ programming language.
Condor GR2
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  • Designed for very high performance parallel computing in rugged environments such as avionics, manned and unmanned video streaming, radar, sonar, image analysis, and security/surveillance applications.
  • Offers higher power tolerance and hence higher performance compared to smaller rugged form factors.
  • Available in conduction cooled or air cooled variants
  • Supports PCI Express 3.0 (4, 8 or 16 lane) when mated with compatible SBCs
  • DisplayPort++ outputs are available from the rear VPX connectors.

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