LDRA tool suite


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The LDRA tool suite works seamlessly within the various tool chains, enabling development teams to bring together the development, execution, and verification infrastructure. LDRA’s capabilities for coding-standard compliance, structural coverage, data and control coupling, and low-level testing can be introduced into the verification workflow as needed on the host, simulator, or actual target hardware. Such comprehensive capabilities dramatically improve workflow and development transparency, and ultimately ensure quality of the delivered multicore application.
LDRA tool suite
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  • With highly optimized instrumentation and analysis, LDRA aggregates the coverage data across the various processors in the system without the typical overhead of mutexes. This approach avoids the deadlocks caused by other verification tools and technologies.
  • LDRA integration with RTOS and compiler vendors such as Wind River and Green Hills Software is comprehensive, enabling execution of all capabilities across the set of cores.
  • LDRA’s dramatically reduced and optimized instrumentation and data collection eases memory and performance overhead.

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