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Floodgate™ Defender is a complete embedded firewall providing a critical layer of security for networked devices. Floodgate Defender provides static (rules-based) filtering, Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and threshold-based filtering. Floodgate Defender’s Lockdown Mode provides the highest level of security for systems where security is critical. Floodgate Defender is the only embedded firewall to provide all three types of filtering to protect embedded devices from the growing number of Internet-based threats.
Floodgate Defender
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  • Event logging – all threshold crossings are logged to a file or to other interface.
  • Fully configurable API
  • Deterministic or non-deterministic threshold filtering.
  • Layer-based filtering, allowing integration at any layer in the IP stack.
  • Small footprint and efficient design for embedded systems.
  • Portable source code for use with any embedded OS.

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