ASI Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser - E2980A

Agilent Technologies

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ASI Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser - E2980A


  • Based on the modular system tester platform with Agilent's N2X technology
  • The universal and upgradeable platform offers multi-protocol and time correlated test/cross bus analysis support for ASI, PCI Express, and Fibre Channel applications and protects capital investment
  • Captures the transactions on an ASI link and allows you to analyze it and troubleshoot problems to find their root cause
  • Provides nonintrusive monitoring of traffic between two ASI end nodes
  • Transaction analysis capabilities
  • Suitable for the turn-on and debugging of ASI systems and designs
  • Captures and analyzes datalink layer and transaction-layer packets as well as training sequences and ordered sets
  • Fully adjustable parameters
  • Lets users simulate or generate and respond to any ASI transactions
  • Intelligent I/O communication tool that can emulate an active ASI end node, device, or a ASI topology
  • Tailored to validate corner cases situations and emulate stress conditions for components, systems, and cards to force them to fail
  • Additionally the exerciser can insert errors and test the behavior of designs in response to these errors to enable worst-case scenario testing
  • Intuitive GUI helps quickly and easily set up basic ASI packets
  • GUI offers a menu display of the exerciser's capabilities and allows you to set up single packets or sequences or blocks of packets
  • For more comprehensive automated tests, you can control the exerciser via a DCOM or TCL programming interface
  • Suitable for bring-up and debug, validation, and compliance testing of AdvancedTCA form factor-based ASI boards and backplanes

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