XMC1000 Microcontroller Family

Infineon Technologies Corporation

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A completely new product family that delivers 32-bit performance at an 8-bit price point, featuring ease-of-use, large embedded flash memory, and scalability across three different product series. The XMC1000 family combines the ARM Cortex-M0 with a rich peripheral set and first-in-industry production on 300 mm wafers using Infineonís industrial grade 65nm embedded flash process technology. At high volumes, this reduces unit costs to a range between Euro 0.25 and Euro 1.25.
XMC1000 Microcontroller Family
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  • ARM Cortex-MO operating in industrial temperature range
  • 8kb - 200 kb embedded flash
  • Mixed signal and application-optimized peripheral set
  • FPGA-like flexibility supported with object-based development platform
  • 32-bit performance at 8-bit price point is best in class
  • Scalable across three device families and related high-end MCUs

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