LinuxLink PRO Edition for TI Sitara

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LinuxLink PRO, the most easy-to-use embedded Linux offering, combines comprehensive suite of Linux development tools that support full customization, pre-tested software and responsive support to help developers bring embedded devices to market fast.


  • Desktop and web-based UI; Support for command line & IDE; Complete kernel, package and API customizations; Build repeatability; Advice & Update Engines to minimize errors and manage updates; IDE to code, debug & optimize apps; unmetered
  • Price includes one seat for a 12 month period, For additional information on Seat, Subscription Term and Processor please click on Ask the vendor a question
  • LinuxLink PRO Edition available for TI AM1x Processors including:AM1705,AM1707, LinuxLink PRO Edition available for TI Sitara AM1x Boards including: AM1705 EVM ,AM1707 EVM,AM1806 EVM,AM1808 EVM,TI/Logic PD Zoom 1808 EVM Kit, TI/Logic PD Zoom

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