velOSity microkernel

Green Hills Software, Inc.

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Small, fast, and royalty-free, making it suitable for cost-sensitive, high-volume, and resource-constrained embedded applications


  • Rich set of kernel services, device drivers, board support packages (BSPs), and middleware, including IPv4, IPv6, IPsec, SSL, SSH, Web server, CORBA, and graphics
  • Software developed for the velOSity microkernel is 100 percent upwards compatible with the INTEGRITY RTOS
  • State-of-the-art architecture never disables interrupts in systems calls for the absolute minimum interrupt latency
  • Fast boot option provides embedded devices with an instant-on capability, an essential requirement for automotive electronics (as fast as 15 milliseconds)
  • EventAnalyzer system visualization tool
  • Dynamic loader allows multiple independent programs to be loaded and run on non-MMU systems without requiring symbolic information stored on the target, reducing memory use while maximizing performance
  • For custom hardware systems, can run without a BSP or other hardware-dependent code, significantly easing BSP development and allowing application testing on real hardware to begin much sooner in the development cycle

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