ZTEC Instruments, Inc.

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Series of high-speed, low-power modular Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO) for PCI, CompactPCI/PXI, and VXI


  • Built on data conversion technology with deep waveform memory
  • DSO performance in a modular instrumentation form factor
  • Extensive benchtop DSO capabilities
  • Advanced trigging
  • Average and envelope acquisition modes
  • Onboard signal processing
  • Benchtop instrument in a module features for PCI, CompactPCI/PXI, and VXI
  • Two (PCI, PXI) or four (VXI) channels
  • 8-bit resolution
  • 1 GSps dual-channel simulations or 2 GSps single-channel interleaved
  • 500 MHz analog bandwidth
  • Up to 32 MS per channel
  • Low power
  • Programmable signal conditioning
  • Real-time signal processing
  • Powerful triggering and multiple waveform capture

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