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The ADM-XRC-7V1 is a high performance reconfigurable XMC based on the Xilinx Virtex-7 range of Platform FPGAs. Features include PCI Express Gen2 interface, external memory, high density I/O, system monitoring and flash boot facilities. Placing the PCI Express bridge in bypass allows the creation of a Gen 2 x8 PCI Express endpoint design directly into the target FPGA (x8 for -2/-3 devices only x4 for -1 devices). The optional fitting of the Pn4 connector provides an additional 64 General Purpose IO (GPIO) links to the carrier card.
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  • Features Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA
  • High-performance reconfigurable XMC
  • PCI Express Gen2 interface
  • 1 GByte in 4 independent banks (256 MBytes/bank) of DDR3 SDRAM @ DDR-1600. . Alternatively, 4 Gbit devices can be fitted giving 4 GByte on board in 4 banks of 1GByte
  • Configuration Flash providing an initialisation design for automatic loading into the target FPGA.
  • The ADM-XRC Gen3 SDK provides the example C and HDL source code, giving software engineers and FPGA designers a head start in creating applications.
  • Drivers for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and VxWorks
  • Compliant to VITA Standard 42.0 and 42.3
  • External memory
  • High density I/O
  • System monitoring and flash boot facilities

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