ATCA-N1 (Dual Intel Xeon E5 ATCA)

Avnet Electronics Marketing

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The ATCA-N1 blade is a high performance computing platform that is designed to provide maximum computing, memory and storage flexibility in a single ATCA chassis slot


  • Intel-based AdvancedTCA blade server utilizing Intel?s 32 nm processor technology
  • Dual purpose memory sockets enable the use of up to 4 x SATADIMM solid state drives
  • mSATA solid state drive provides flexible expansion storage/boot option
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) capability
  • Redundant BIOS implementation
  • Optional Zone 3 RTM interface
  • 10 Gb on both Ethernet Base and Fabric Interfaces
  • Pigeon Point IPMC management with Hardware Platform Interface (HPI)

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