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The FMC-500M is a high speed digitizing and signal generation FMC I/O module featuring two 500 MSps A/D channels and two 500 MSps D/A channels supported by sample clock and triggering features


  • Two A/D Inputs and 500 MSps, 14-bit & 250 MSps, 16-bit option
  • AC or DC coupled; two D/A Outputs
  • 500 MSps, 16-bit D/A & 1 GSps single channel mode
  • Sample clocks and timing and controls; External clock/reference input; Programmable PLL; 10 MHz, 0.5 ppm reference; integrated with FMC triggers
  • High Pin Count no SERDES required
  • Compatible with 1.2 to 3.3V VADJ
  • 6 W typical (AC-coupled inputs)
  • Conduction Cooling per VITA 20 subset

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