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Avnet Electronics Marketing and ARM have collaborated to create the industryís first Embedded Software Store.com Ė an online information and e-commerce-based website dedicated solely to the embedded design community. The Embedded Software Store accelerates software innovation for embedded applications by enabling users to easily locate available software supporting the ARM architecture. This site provides software downloads available from a wide range of partners from ARMís Connected Community and Avnetís partner ecosystems. The number of partners continues to grow.
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  • Backed by Avnet and ARM
  • Software to support the ARM Architecture
  • Downloadable Software, Software/Hardware Availability Types: OS, Communication Protocols (USB, TCP/IP, SSL, etc.), Tools (Probes, IDEs, etc.), GUI Solutions, Libraries and Processors
  • Pass-through Licensing Agreement
  • Software/Hardware Associative Sell
  • Process order via credit card or Avnet Account (Americas-only currently)
  • Interactive Online Support Community
  • Vendor Support Offered

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