Nucleus EDGE Development Environment

Mentor Graphics Corporation

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Nucleus EDGE Development Environment


  • An Eclipse-based embedded IDE
  • Tools ranging from a visual project and build manager to code coverage and profiling tools, all available from a consistent, modern and extensible GUI environment
  • Facilities for project management, build management, debugging, profiling, and more
  • Support for a long list of targets, connections, compilers, and hardware-assisted debugging features
  • Nucleus C/C++ Compilers are complete cross-compiler solutions that include a compiler, assembler, and linker, all optimized for building embedded applications
  • Nucleus Debugger provides a comprehensive feature set for basic debugging operations, plus support for modern hardware like multi-core systems and hardware-assisted features like hardware breakpoints
  • Multi-Core debug is provided through a JTAG interface using RDI and OCD connections
  • Instruction set simulators are also available in the Nucleus EDGE environment
  • Nucleus Profiler system-level analysis tool gives the ability to capture, store, and analyze information about all of the kernel objects in the application, as well as the application-specific data

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