SKYbolt II 9U

SKY Computers, Inc.

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An MPC7400 PowerPC-based 9U multicomputer that uses an onboard SKYchannel crossbar to provide data transfers between compute clusters on the four Merlin MPC7400 daughtercards at a rate of 960 Mbits/sec


  • Four Merlins include 16 MPC7400 compute nodes deliver 42 GFLOPS of compute performance
  • SKYchannel crossbar provides dual SKYchannel connections off the board, increasing the speed of the interconnect to 640 Mbits/sec
  • Onboard SKYrider FPDP capability for intelligent I/O
  • Uses an Intel Support Processor (SP) on the motherboard to handle all of the system functions, leaving the Merlin compute clusters free to handle the real-time processing requirements of the system
  • Flash memory of the SP provides a Fast Boot capability which results in 10-sec Fast Boot for start up and initialization
  • On power up, the software monitor, kernel, and application are loaded into the working memory of the SP and the Merlin computer clusters
  • Because the boards all boot in parallel, the SKY Fast Boot capability allows an entire 16-board, 256-processor system to start a typical SAR application in 12 seconds
  • Flexible Multiprocessor Architecture (FMA) uses the advanced SKYvec development environment as the standard API
  • FMA is scalable from a single board to a fully integrated sub-system built from commercial-off-the-shelf components.SKY configures the merchant CPU boards, standard interconnect fabrics, very high performance multiprocessor boards, compilers, middleware, and software development tools, as well as the storage and peripherals

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