Model 71651

Pentek, Inc.

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A software radio module, an XMC form factor multichannel data converter with digital down- and up-converters


  • Four types of preconfigured IP in the Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA help simplify the capture, movement, and playback of data
  • Three Acquisition IP modules accept data from any of the A/Ds, a test signal generator, or the Playback IP in loopback mode
  • These acquisition modules each have a private memory bank for storing data in capture mode or to serve as a FIFO buffer for the linked-list DMA engine to move data off-board through the x8 Gen 2 PCIe interface
  • The DMA engines can automatically generate metadata to simplify host processing
  • With two channels each of 12-bit, 500 MHz A/D and 16-bit, 800 MHz D/A, the Model 71651 delivers more than twice the bandwidth of Pentek?s previous data converters, with room left for user customization

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