SPX AV software

Cambridge Pixel

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Cambridge Pixel has added audio and video capture, distribution and recording capability to its world-leading SPx software library, which includes ready-to-run software products for radar visualisation, radar video distribution, plot extraction and target tracking.
SPX AV software
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  • New SPx AV software will enable Cambridge Pixel to offer integrated radar with audio and video display solutions into security, naval command and control and airborne radar applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • SPx AV software extends Cambridge Pixel’s ‘modules-of-expertise’ approach allowing systems integrators to exploit advances in graphics processing and display rendering without sacrificing the ability to customise, maintain and enhance their solution
  • SPx AV software is a toolkit of components which support a wide range of video and audio capture options and includes compression, network streaming, latency and quality of service control, in addition to real-time display of video with overlays, underlay and watermarks
  • SPx AV software also support decompression of H.264 video using graphics processors (GPUs) allowing very cost effective sensor distribution and display, with multiple layers of graphics and video being displayed in real-time using standard PC CPU and GPU hardware.
  • The new SPx AV software may be used with Cambridge Pixel’s existing SPx radar software for multi-function sensor di

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