N934xC handheld spectrum analyzer (HSA)

Agilent Technologies

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Agilent Technologies Inc.adding new features and options to its recently launched N934xC handheld spectrum analyzer (HSA) family. The introduction also includes HSA PC software enhancements.


  • Autotune for automatically finding, tuning and zooming in on the desired signal.
  • Marker enhancements that provide marker zoom-in/out and marker logging with GPS information.
  • Graphical user interface that displays channel power in an easy-to-read meter format.
  • Data export to Google Earth and MapInfo to easily plot signal strength.
  • MIL PRF 28800F Class 2-compliance.
  • No fans or vents to prevent the ingress of elements.
  • One-button measurements and a clear view screen and backlit keys for use in any lighting condition.
  • Weight of just 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs), including its maximum four-hour field-replaceable battery.
  • Security erase option that protects confidential data with a low-level, non-recoverable reformat of the entire memory chip.
  • Task Planner, an Agilent-exclusive option, which compiles multiple measurement setups into a single task plan, reducing field test setup by 95 percent and automating data capture f
  • Best-in-class accuracy, reliability and performance of RF benchtop spectrum analyzers.

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