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  • A multiservices test solution for converging voice and data networks
  • ?Combines services testing with carrier-grade infrastructure testing and emulation
  • ?40 Gbps Packet-over-Sonet (POS) interface test card
  • 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet test card supports 32,000 individual data streams
  • 10-Gb Ethernet test card with hot-swappable XENPAK transceiver
  • Ethernet services disruption measurement for validating quality of service across a variety of network architectures
  • ?Multistream Ethernet packet BER measurement for testing layer 2 data integrity
  • ?Multichannel, thru-mode APS message generation for test SONET switching devices from within the telecom network
  • Overhead sequence generation in thru and terminal mode
  • L20MPLS support for ATM and Frame Relay
  • Multicast IPv6 support

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