16900 Series Logic Analysis Systems

Agilent Technologies

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  • Connectorless probe and B4655A FPGA Dynamic Probe support specific needs
  • Set up measurements easily and navigate through your data quickly with the analyzer?s intuitive user interface and the familiarity of Windows XP Professional
  • Multi-threading architecture takes full advantage of Gbit LAN and the most current multiprocessor, large memory computer technology
  • Extensive range of optional software analysis tools
  • Protect data and make logic analyzer compliant with network environment with anti-virus software
  • Communicate via LAN or USB flash drives
  • Debug at full-speed with non-intrusive, real-time analysis tools for the devices and buses
  • Determine the impact of analog characteristics of digital signals with time-correlated analog acquisitions of up to 6 GHz, 20 Gsps, and 32 Mb
  • Increase productivity and maximize analyzer usage by local or widely distributed teams with offline analysis, remote control and programmability features.

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