InfiniHost III EX

Mellanox Technologies, Inc.

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InfiniHost III EX


  • An InfiniBand host channel adapter with an 8X PCI Express interface
  • dual 10-Gbits/sec InfiniBand 4X ports
  • IBTA v1.1-compatible design
  • 8X, 20-Gbits/sec PCI Express interface
  • Supports millions of queue pairs
  • Low-latency InfiniBand hardware transport acceleration
  • external DDR memory support or memory-free mode
  • Memory-protection tables in hardware
  • Translation tables in hardware
  • 16 integrates 2.5-Gbits/sec SerDes
  • Supports eight data VLs plus the VL15 management lane
  • Programmable MTU sizes to 2 Kbytes
  • Support for 2-Gbyte messages
  • ?Integrated SMA and GSA
  • Multicast support
  • Atomic support
  • Auto negotiation of port link speed
  • ?Hardware credit-based, link-level flow control
  • Hardware CRC checking and generation
  • ?On-demand paging support
  • Bad-packet filtering
  • InfiniRISC III embedded RISC processor
  • Large on-chip InfiniBand port buffers
  • Per-port Service Level (SL) to VL mapping
  • Hardware support for all InfiniBand transport mechanisms
  • ?General-purpose I/O pins
  • I2C-compatible bus
  • ?Boundary scan (JTAG) interface
  • 27mm x 27mm, 676-pin HFCBGA package

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