Infiniimax 1130A

Agilent Technologies

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Infiniimax 1130A


  • A 1.5 GHz differential probe
  • Can be paired with Agilent's Infiniium Mixed Signal (MSO) and Digital Signal Oscilloscopes (DSO) forvalidating and verifying the performance of new high-speed digital product designs
  • Single-ended or differential measurements from a single probe amplifier
  • Controlled transmission-line probe heads provide a flat frequency response over the entire bandwidth specification and eliminate the distortion and loading that affects probes with in-band resonance
  • Can achieve 1 GHz system bandwidth when used in conjunction with Agilent Infiniium 54830-series of 1 GHz MSOs and DSOs, even when manually browsing with the probe
  • Resistor tip technology, which compensates for the inductance and capacitance associated with the probe tips to prevent distortion of the measured signals
  • Optional probe heads and accessories can provide connectivity to full bandwidth even for probing between memory modules on server motherboards
  • Variable span between the signal tips, enabling engineers to adapt the probes to the design
  • When a small probe size is not needed, an adapter is available that makes long-term browsing more comfortable
  • Solder-in sockets available for signals that need frequent measurement
  • The differential probe tips can flex to support various probing angles and target system characteristics for z-axis compliance
  • Replaceable browser tips

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