SMARTpac 600

SKY Computers, Inc.

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Data acquisition server for data-intensive signal and image processing applications
SMARTpac 600


  • Designed for front-end data collection, aggregation, and distribution
  • Data can be distributed to the compute server blades within the SMARTpac 600 chassis or to tightly integrated, high-density SMARTpac 1200 compute servers
  • Six PCI-X adapter slots for I/O, allowing users the opportunity and flexibility to leverage a broad range of third-party PCI I/O cards
  • Configurablewith up to six single or dual-processor compute blades for I/O management or compute-intensive tasks
  • An integrated InfiniBand-based system fabric provides high-performance, fault-resilient communications between processors
  • Six InfiniBand connections are available on the rear of the chassis for inter-chassis scaling within a 42U rack to more than 2 TFLOPS of compute power or for inter-rack scaling to thousands of compute nodes
  • Rear InfiniBand connections provide direct connection to a broader InfiniBand fabric
  • SMARTpac 600 and 1200 are designed as complementary systems, with the 600 addressing front-end data acquisition needs, and the 1200 providing back-end computational power

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