Signal Generator/Detector (SGD)

Commetrex Corporation

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  • A Signal Generator/Detector (SGD)
  • Furnishes all necessary functionality at the physical-layer level to support in-band telephony-signaling functions
  • Implements signal-processing functionality to generate and detect DTMF and Multi-frequency(MF) (R1/R2) digits as well as any generic in-band tone comprised of up to two frequencies
  • Compliant with the MSP Consortium M.100 recommendation, the Texas Instruments XDAIS algorithm packaging standard, the ECTF S.100 requirements for signal generation and detection, and the ITU Q.24 recommendation
  • Baseline SGD is implemented and maintained in the C-language
  • More resource-efficient instances of the product are available for specific processors, such as the Texas Instruments TMS320C5400 and 'C6000 DSPs and the ARC International ARCtangent customizable processor

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