Optical Switch Test System

Agilent Technologies

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A scalable turnkey measurement solution for design, prototype, or high volume testing of optical switch fabrics


  • Can be tailored to meet specific customer needs
  • Maintains an open software architecture that supports both R&D and manufacturing use
  • ?System includes Windows 2000, test executive, and database integration
  • ?System can output data to the optional internal database or to an ODBC-compliant corporate database
  • Measures: insertion loss (IL), insertion loss with PDL, crosstalk (Xtalk), cumulative crosstalk, switching speed (activation, deactivation), and return loss
  • Source flexibility; fixed 1310, 1550, and 1625 nm lasers standard, and/or TLS optional
  • ?Basic system consists of a Windows 2000 computer workstation, combined fixed and optional tunable laser source (TLS), a polarization scrambler, DUT input switch, and two or more separate power sensor modules (PM)
  • Instruments are controlled by the PC via GPIB

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