GS-8000 Wireless Handset Test System

Agilent Technologies

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A complete, functional test solution designed to meet changing product and technology needs


  • Optimized for calibration and performance testing at the circuit board level and the finished product level
  • Designed to work with reference phone designs
  • Flexible, comprehensive, easy-to-configure operator user interface
  • Full-featured test executive and an easy-to-use test development environment including libraries of instrument control routines and measurement routines
  • ?Automated RF path characterization tool
  • RF isolation between the device under test (DUT) and the manufacturing environment
  • ?Changeable nest for the DUT to easily accommodate different devices
  • ?Integrates all of the instrumentation and cabling in a rack solution into which the cooling, power, ergonomics, safety, and mechanical stability have all been designed

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