Radar Video Distribution Server


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Radar Video Distribution Server


  • A radar video distribution server in PCI, CompactPCI, and VME form factors
  • Cost-effective solution for the distribution of radar video from a sensor to multiple display consoles
  • Uses standard COTS Ethernet networks and proprietary digital compression technology to distribute video from a radar source to any number of display stations
  • Provides flexibility in the choice of where and when radar video is displayed
  • Interfaces with different radar types, including ACP/ARP, RADDS, ASDE-3, and specialized serial and parallel formats
  • Video from radar interfaces is digitized and compressed with Primagraphics' RACE radar codes
  • Available in a range of form factors and configurations, ranging from a 4U rack-mountable, industrial-grade, PCI-based enclosure to a single-slot VME or CompactPCI card

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