Media Gateway

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  • A series of CompactPCI media gateway platforms
  • Includes all necessary hardware and system software for developing and deploying signaling gateways
  • ?Netra CP2040 CompactPCI processor board with an UltraSPARC IIe processor at 500 MHz and 512 Mbytes of memory
  • Solaris 8 operating environment
  • NMS Communications Fusion CG 6000C-2L/4TE Convergence Generation VoIP card
  • ?NMS Communications Fusion 4 development environment
  • 19? GNP ComputeNodeXU rackmount chassis with built-in SCSI hard drive, alarm card, and high-efficiency cooling
  • Designed for NEBS compliance
  • Available in several configurations (with options) to accommodate nearly every requirement
  • Fully integrated and pre-tested
  • All FRUs are hot-swappable and field replaceable

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