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  • A wide-bandwidth, vector spectrum analyzer solution
  • Provides 80-MHz demodulation bandwidth and eight-second capture memory for multi-carrier power amplifier (MCPA), signal monitoring, radar, and satellite measurement applications
  • Up to 20 GHz frequency coverage, 0.1dB amplitude flatness, 0.7 degree phase flatness, and optional 1.2 Gbyte (768 Msamples) deep capture memory to provide eight seconds of full-bandwidth capture at the maximum sample rate
  • Well suited for error vector modulation (EVM)
  • Based on fully supported, commercially available instruments
  • Compatible with the Agilent 89600 series flexible demodulation software, the Advanced Design System (ADS), and MATLAB
  • Comprises an Agilent E444X PSA spectrum analyzer and an Agilent 89610A vector signal analyzer
  • To perform the external calibration routine, an Agilent E4438C or E8267C PSG signal generator is required

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