Merlin 500

SKY Computers, Inc.

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Merlin 500


  • A VMEbus-based multiprocessor system
  • 16 GFLOPS of performance on a 6-inch x 6-inch circuit card and 1 TFLOP for a system of 16 VMEbus 9U boards
  • Four 500 MHz MPC7410 PowerPC microprocessors with AltiVec technology on a single mezzanine
  • 1 GByte of onboard memory on each Merlin 500 board
  • A 320 Mbit/sec SKYchannel connects the mezzanine to the carrier board
  • Can be used on the SKYbolt II 6U and 9U VMEbus application accelerator boards, and in the HPC-1 computing system
  • Up to 256 VMEbus boards can be connected in a single SKYchannel system, enabling up to 1,024 mezzanines (4,096 PowerPC microprocessors) to work together in a distributed shared memory architecture
  • SKYvec's intelligent compiler technology automatically optimizes and vectorizes application code
  • The SKY Standard Math Library contains several hundred math, image, and signal processing functions

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