VPX system development chassis released by Emerson Network Power

SAN JOSE, CA. Emerson Network Power has released the KR8-VPX-3-6-1 VPX system chassis. The KR8-VPX-3-6-1 meets Emerson safety, Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), and environmental requirements, and is suited for use in benign ground installations and development and testing.

The KR8-VPX-3-6-1 provides capacity for up to five 3U VPX payload blades and corresponding Rear Transition Modules (RTMs). The payload slots are ()-compliant, and arrange channels A and B as two x4 fat pipes in twisted ring configuration from Slots 1-5. Payload control plane signals are available for RTMs.

The system chassis backplane includes a 1” slot pitch that also complies with the VITA 65 backplane profile. The chassis design incorporates removable side panels for module debugging and an AC power input with IEC inlet to simplify . A top-mounted handle is also included.

“The new VPX-based KR8 chassis is designed to make it as easy as possible for developers to get ahead with their application development,” says Eric Gauthier, Vice President, Product Marketing, Embedded Computing, .

More detailed information on the KR8-VPX-3-6-1 VPX systems chassis is available at http://osmphp.s3.amazonaws.com/KR8-VPX-3-6-1.pdf.