VITA 48.8 air-flow through cooling standard working group formed

HOUSTON. At Embedded Tech Trends, VITA officials announced the formation of a working group that will develop new air-flow through (AFT) cooling standard, VITA 48.8, for use in size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C) constrained 3U and 6U VPX module-based systems.

The purpose of VITA 48.8 is to achieve weight and cost reduction for AFT cooling by eliminating the use of wedgelocks and ejector/injector handles. This standard will help reduce weight and cost for cooling high density, high power dissipation 3U and 6U module based systems.

“At the November 2015 VSO (VITA Standards Organization) meeting in Scottsdale, a new standards effort, VITA 48.8 was proposed,” says Jerry Gipper, executive director of VITA. “This new effort promises to bring the benefits of AFT cooling technologies to small form factor 3U VPX COTS systems for the first time, while significantly reducing weight and cost for building both 3U and larger 6U module based systems that require the higher levels of cooling provided by AFT.”

The combination of advanced cooling, small form factor AFT and reduced weight are of especial benefit to SWAP-C constrained platforms such as rotorcraft and unmanned vehicles.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions will chair in the VITA 48.8 Working Group and Lockheed Martin will serve as the standard’s editor. Officials say the goal is to submit the finalized VITA 48.8 draft for ANSI ratification later this year.

Companies interested in participating in the working group should contact VITA.